The Real Deal

Bird On A Perch brings the gift of Pilates to the Upper Peninsula, allowing real people to realize their potential, find new strength and most importantly, feel awesome.


To empower people to realize their own potential and to transform lives through movement.

The Real Deal:

Bird On A Perch founder and UP native, Allison Cherrette, discovered Pilates when searching for a fulfilling, sustainable exercise alternative to dance and running. She fell so in love with the method that she decided to leave her career in marketing to pursue something that she’s always believed in – helping others.

Fast forward to 2014. Allison and her now husband, Dan {aka Woogie}, relocated back to Marquette to find that while their community offered so much, it was lacking one key component. A real Pilates studio. Rather than giving up on her passion, Allison went all in. She submitted a large equipment order with Balanced Body, tapped into those years of marketing experience, and started spreading the word. Pilates had arrived in the UP, and it was all happening at a little place called Bird On A Perch.

Since 2014 the studio has grown, now housing four amazing instructors and even more equipment, but the goal remains the same. To keep real people moving, and having fun. To us it’s not about what you look like, what you’re working through, or the lifestyle that you choose. It’s about being real, and appreciating what you can do with the body {and mind} that you have been given. Because to us, movement is our common ground. It’s how we all progress. And, it’s life.