Working out has never been so much fun.

It’s not like your normal work out. It’s more like going to hang out with your friends, and you leave feeling stronger more flexible and all around better about yourself.

NICKNAME: No need, call me Lucy 

GUILTY PLEASURES: I love to curl up with a movie and pizza. Oh, and french fries are my downfall!

WHY PILATES?: I came to Bird On A Perch and fell in love with Pilates. The instructors are so much fun to work with!

Pilates makes me feel strong and flexible. I used to lift weights, but it was getting hard on my body and I never got the stretching along with the toning that I do with Pilates. I run half marathons and I was starting to have issues with my hips. They were getting so tight I could barely run. Pilates has helped me race without pain, it’s increased my speed, and it’s improved my form and posture significantly! Plus, working out is fun with such a great group of people.