Lace & Leg Springs

Feeling like a goddess.

I feel like a goddess whilst performing these gorgeous, flowing exercises and I really enjoy having my butt kicked. I recommend Pilates 110%!

NICKNAME: They used to call me “Hildog” but these days I prefer Lace & Leg Springs

GUILTY PLEASURES: French fries, Depeche Mode, and bourbon.

WHY PILATES?: Pilates is the first form of exercise that I have ever truly enjoyed. I have loved watching my ability evolve as I challenge myself from class to class. I chomp at the bit waiting for my next time on the reformer! I love the instruction, and when humbled by challenge, vow to myself to perfect it.

I have never liked exercise, outside of walking for hours on end. I was reluctantly pushed into my first class, but fell in love immediately. I am deeply challenged by using my own body’s resistance, paired with springs. Also, by my notions of what a workout is. It is so fun , and beautifully difficult. I easily built confidence, as I saw physical results after just a few classes.