Studio Sounds: 1971

First stop, 1971.

Inspired by the new year, and the fact that I finally added a turntable to the studio, the Pilates Playlist is getting a bit of a makeover this year. Rather than scouring Spotify in attempt to surface the best new tracks, in 2018 I’m going to give a nod to the past.

Every month I’ll pick one year. Possibly because it was a formidable year in my life. Or, possibly because it was just an amazing year for music. I’ll dig through Billboard charts, research album releases that year, and turn up the volume. The result? A playlist that, in my mind, properly represents those 365 days.

My first stop, 1971. The year that NPR hit the airwaves. The year of the first floppy disk. The year the Pentagon Papers were released. The year NASA sent the Mariner 9 to Mars. And … the year David Hepworth coined “Rock’s Golden Year”.

To explore 1971 musically is like laying down to look at the stars. Awe-striking. Powerful. And, extremely overwhelming. Think of an artist that you love from the 60’s and 70’s and chances are they released an album in 1971. There was soul. There were blues. And, it rocked. Twenty songs doesn’t quite do it justice, but at least this is a glimpse …

  • Dead Flowers, Rolling Stones
  • Behind Blue Eyes, The Who
  • Going To California, Led Zeppelin
  • The Wind, Cat Stevens {Yusuf}
  • Where You Lead, Carole King
  • Riders On The Storm, The Doors
  • Life On Mars, David Bowie
  • Mercy Mercy Me, Marvin Gaye
  • Get It While You Can, Janis Joplin
  • Fearless, Pink Floyd
  • Your Move, Yes
  • Solitude, Black Sabbath
  • No One To Depend On, Santana
  • Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues, The Kinks
  • I’m Eighteen, Alice Cooper
  • Family Affair, Sly & The Family Stone,
  • Music is Love, David Crosby
  • Stay With Me, Faces
  • Better Days, Graham Nash
  • Life Is A Carnival, The Band

And this is only scratching the surface. If you want to take a trip back to 1971 head on over to Spotify where these tracks are waiting for you.

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