Our New Frequent Flyers Club

Instant street cred, and more.

If there is one thing we love more than practicing Pilates, it’s observing the progress of those students that go all in. Those that approach every lesson with curiosity. Those that spend their time outside of the studio walls thinking about what it means to “Return To Life“. If you ask us, these students deserve kudos. And, a little bit of special treatment.

Well … with the launch of our Frequent Flyers Club we look forward to rewarding real people who have proven to be 100% badass.


At the end of each month we’ll take a look at accumulated attendance for the year {so, 2018}. Those students that have dedicated at least 25-hours to their Pilates practice will receive one very official e-mail communication inducting them into our Frequent Flyers Club {#woohoo}. Along with instant street cred, members can look forward to free stuff, such as …

  • 25 Hours: One Free Studio Class
  • 50 Hours: One Free Equipment Class
  • 75 Hours: Complimentary Studio Class Five Pack
  • 100 Hours: One Complimentary Private Lesson
  • 150 Hours: One Month Unlimited Studio Classes {on us!}

On top of these perks Bird On A Perch Frequent Flyers will also enjoy retail discounts, sponsored happy hours, and exclusive access to Open Studio Hours {coming soon}. On your mark, get set, start flying …





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